2020 International Symposium on Respiratory Medicine



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Who is it for?

空氣污染和人口老齡化是台灣和世界各地新出現的兩大健康挑戰。在人體呼吸系統中,空氣污染和老化對包括哮喘,COPD和肺癌在內的幾種疾病的患病率和嚴重程度產生了影響。 台北醫學大學胸腔醫學研究中心每年皆會舉辦大型國際研討會,邀請海外學者與校內外專家學者一同參與,分享研究結果與交流新知。共同合作提高台灣醫療品質與臨床精準判斷。

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Kian Fan CHUNG

National Heart & Lung Institute Imperial College London

The mechanisms of  Airway wall remodeling in asthma

Prof. Ian Alcock

Faculty of Medicine, National Heart & Lung Institute Professor of Respiratory Cell & Molecular Biology

The role of mitochondrial dysfunction in COPD

Prof. Kazuhiro Ito

Faculty of Medicine, National Heart & Lung Institute

Synergy of ambient particular matter and infections in airway remodeling in COPD

Prof.Guy Marks

South Western Sydney Clinical School

The role of treatment of LTBI in ending TB in high burden settings

Asthma airway remodeling

TMU’s “A-Team”, Working Together to Unravel the Mystery of Asthma. Asthma is responsible for reduced quality of life for around 400 million people worldwide. Fighting this respiratory disease is TMU’s “A-Team” – a group of top researchers brought together and led by TMU’s School of Respiratory Therapy Dr. Bing-Chang Chen.

In their multi-fronted attack on asthma, Dr. Chen’s expert team is probing the underlying molecular mechanisms of inflammation and airway fibrosis, neurophysiological and autoimmune signaling pathways, and stem cell therapies.

COPD airway remodeling

Open your window in just about any busy city in the world and take a deep breath. That is, if you dare risking the coughing, congestion, and inflammation that comes from a lungful of urban pollution. While these symptoms are a nuisance for healthy people, for patients suffering from chronic or serious lung disease, the matter could be one of life and death. But at least you can retreat to your home to enjoy the clean air, right? According to work done by Dr. Pai-Chien Chou, Taipei Medical University Hospital’s new Director of Thoracic Medicine and his team, your home might not have less air pollution that the bustling streets outside. Dr. Chou’s cutting edge work combining advances in medication, rehabilitation, and technology should help provide a solution.

Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Looking at the big picture is something Dr. Chen-Yuan Chiang is better equipped for than most. He’s an expert in thoracic medicine who has studied psychiatry, and public policy. He spends half of his time traveling the world to help cure multiple drug resistant tuberculosis and half at Wanfang Hospital and Taipei Medical University. Able to navigate international health organizations as well as he can the internal workings of the chest cavity, Dr. Chiang is helping to significantly reduce the prevalence of mdrtb around the world through a holistic approach to treatment and care.


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